Black Toes Team Expands to Cuba

The Black Toes are excited to welcome their new teammates from Santiago de Cuba, Leonardo Charon Plutin, Angelo Ferrera Tamayo, Gil Ricardo Lopez Seijo, Cristian de los Santos Veranes, Albernis Clavel Herrera and Juan Carlos Gomez Nohoya.  All six are outstanding runners who have posted impressive santiago de cuba

Black Toes Make PBs Rain in Frankfurt

Five Black Toes ran personal best times at the 2018 Frankfurt Marathon.  Congratulations on the impressive individual and team results.  Our sixth runner put in a good effort and will be back to run another day.Frankfurt

Barry McGuire            2:56:24    Ireland
John Comerford          2:58:52    Ireland
Daniel Jenkins             3:08:50    United Kingdom
Padraig Daly                3:41:31    Ireland
Sampsa Kuusiluoma  3:46:58    Finland

Prague Marathon Weekend re-cap

Black Toes attended the Prague Marathon weekend at Prague, Czech Republic.

The weather was hot, but all the Black Toes on the starting line endured the heat and made it through the finish line. DeJacimo ran impressive 3:42:55 in the challenging conditions, followed by Cole and Jenkins, and Kuusiluoma made a marathon PR 4:16:22 shaving 5 minutes off from the previous record.

After the marathon, we have been enjoying the sights and activities in Prague as can be witnessed from the pictures below.