Completed Events

The Black Toes running team has competed in running events at various locations – both as a team and individually – since its founding in 2015.  A few of the highlights are listed below.

Wales Half Marathon Jun 28, 2015

This was the team’s inaugural race, run by founding Black Toes Jonathan Cole and Chris Carey.

Berlin Marathon Sep 27, 2015

Cole and Carey sealed the deal with commendable performances in Berlin.

Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Oct 9, 2016

Göteborgsvarvet May 20, 2017

Telenor Copenhagen Marathon May 21, 2017

Reykjavík Marathon August 19, 2017

Prague Marathon May 6, 2018

MARATHON DES SABLES April 8-15, 2018

Jenkins inspired with this awesome individual accomplishment – a week of treacherous distances in searing desert heat, including a complete marathon on day five alone.

Jönköping HALF Marathon Aug 18, 2018

The following team members came together in Sweden for the Jönköping Half Marathon. The course meandered between the lakes that define the town’s geography and even zig-zagged over hills on the outskirts of neighboring Huskvarna.

  • Cole
  • Deluna
  • Jenkins
  • Kuusiluoma
  • Quirk

The Jönköping Half Marathon is held annually together with the Jönköping Marathon.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Oct 7, 2018

Ívarsson and DeJacimo took on this Marathon Majors event.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

B.A.A Half Marathon Oct 12, 2018

Coach Mike Thomson gave Cole the green light to go hard in the B.A.A. Half Marathon.  He delivered a PB 1:28:59 in the tune-up race for the upcoming NYC Marathon.2018 BAA Half 2

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon Oct 28, 2018

Five Black Toes ran personal best times at the 2018 Frankfurt Marathon.  Congratulations on the impressive individual and team results.Frankfurt

Barry McGuire            2:56:24    Ireland
John Comerford          2:58:52    Ireland
Daniel Jenkins             3:08:50    United Kingdom
Padraig Daly                3:41:31    Ireland
Sampsa Kuusiluoma  3:46:58    Finland

Link to Mainova Frankfurt Marathon website

TCS New York City Marathon Nov 4, 2108

Cole completed his fourth major, the New York Marathon, after securing his spot in the race during the 2017 edition of New York Half Marathon.

Link to TCS New York City Marathon website

Athens Marathon Nov 13, 2108

Black Toes team member Chris Carey ran the historic/ Athens Marathon and finished strong in the Olympic Stadium.

Link to the Athens Marathon website

Varadero Half Marathon MAR 31, 2019

Helsinki Half Marathon Jun 8, 2019

Satu and Sampsa Kuusiluoma graciously hosted the Black Toes in Finland where Sampsa Kuusilouma, Marisol Deluna, Kelly Quirk and Jonathan Cole competed in the Helsinki Half Marathon.

Toronto Marathon 2019

Carissa DeJacimo crushed the Toronto Marathon finishing 5th in her division with a 12-minute PR and a safe BQ followed by Jonathan Cole (BQ).

Lisbon Marathon 2019

Chris Carey led the team in Lisbon with a hard-won PR followed by Aitor Andres and Sampsa Kuusiluoma in the full marathon and Marisol Deluna and Kelly Quirk in the half marathon.

New York Marathon 2019

Seven Black Toes competed in New York. Barry McGuire led the team with a PR, team record and BQ followed by John Comerford (PR, BQ), Fergal Glynn (BQ), Jonathan Cole (BQ), Fergal Mahone, Pádraig Daly and Paul O’Sullivan (debut).

Marabana Marathon, Havana, 2019

The Marabana was the team’s most impressive showing in 2019. Of our seven runners, all finished in the top three places in their respective divisions and four finished in the top 10 overall places. Yuri Cabrales, Albernis Clavel Herrera, Cristian De Los Santos Veranes, Gil Ricardo Lopez Seijo, Angel Tamayo and Juan Carlos Gomez Nohaya, continue to set a high standard for the Black Toes. Jonathan Cole traveled to Havana to compete with the team and took second in his division in the 10K one week after the NYC Marathon.

Other Highlights in 2019

Pétur Ívarsson had another great season with two sub-3:00 performances in London and Reykjavik and a PR in Reykjavik. Rob Marsden gutted out a PR on a hot day in Valencia.Robert Paoli earned a BQ in his debut marathon in Chicago. Carlos Perez ran his debut marathon in San Antonio. Jonathan Cole sought and received redemption in Philadelphia three weeks after New York with a 9-minute PR and 21-minute BQ. Mike Thomson finished high in the results with a powerful race at the SeaBreeze Half Marathon in Vancouver. Daniel Jenkins continued to impress with his marathons and ultramarathons and ran seven marathons in 2019. Laura Moreno competed in the Tokyo Marathon.Veronica Bustamante competed in Chicago Marathon. Rachel Olanoff competed in Japan for the Black Toes.Jo Lyford, Richard Yendell, Chris Carey and Adam Bosman made a big showing for the Black Toes at the East London Hackney Half Marathon.

La Farola, Feb 8, 2020

The Black Toes competed in the La Farola Marathon, a 30 km race along a mountainous lighthouse road. The team made a statement with the following impressive placings:

Cristian De Los Santos Veranes — 3
Yuri Cabrales Laquel — 4
Gil Ricardo Lopez Seijo — 6
Angel Ferreiro Tamayo — 8
Albernis Clavel Herrera — 10
Juan Carlos Gomez Nohaya — 13

Austin Marathon Feb 16, 2020

Carlos Perez ran the Austin Marathon in 3:55 and finished in the top third of his M40 division. This is his second marathon with his debut in San Antonio in December.