Black Toes Endure Epic Boston Marathon

Brothers Ivarsson and McGuire endured a cold, wet and generally miserable wait in Hopkinton before running the Boston Marathon in some of the nastiest race conditions in recent memory.  Both ran respectable times on a day that slowed the elite field by more than ten minutes and required true grit to battle the elements.  They certainly earned a post-race beer.  Congratulations Petur and Barry.  Pictured with Paul O’Meara from Dublin’s Crusaders AC and Black Toes Deluna and Cole who came to support the team.BT Boston Squad

Jenkins Heads to the Desert

Brother Jenkins will start Marathon des Sables on April 6, a six-day, 250 km (156 mile) ultra-marathon in the Sahara.  He will carry enough food for seven days on his back as he runs the equivalent of six marathons through the desert.  We’ll be tracking his progress.  Good luck, Dan, and HTFU!

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About The Black Toes

The Black Toes Running Club promotes physical fitness and develops masters runners for national and international competition. We are a global running community unbounded by place or borders. The Club seeks to improve training methods for masters runners through a science-based approach and to expand opportunities for these athletes to compete. To affirm this mission, the Club selects one marathon each year and encourages all Black Toes to compete. HTFU!